TowelsBuna Hotel Partner makes sure that your hotel meets the expectations of your guests. We offer furniture and fittings with the unique sense of design and detail that makes staying at a hotel into a memorable experience. We can produce according to your designs and demands, suggest our easy-made collections, or even offer you tailored concepts for entire guest rooms based specifically on your preferences and requirements.


Founded in 2008, Buna International is a Swedish owned and managed company, specialized in construction supplies and procurement services with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and soon in Dubai. Buna Hotel Partner was formed as a separate division to cater exclusively to hotels. It has formed co operations with several well-established manufacturers and designers in the field to offer complete hotel solutions.

All of our products are carefully designed and produced to ensure a high quality, long durabilityand enhanced aesthetics. We also take a cost sensitive stance to assure that we can accommodate your needs, regardless if you are a small hotel or a global five-star chain.

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Our Core Values

Committed partnership

Long-term cooperation

100% customer satisfaction

Honesty and transparency

Creating benefits and providing convenience